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Sunrover visitors welcome

We are no longer renting out our future Northern California retirement house.  Fix up time started spring 2016.  In January a large tree fell across the back yard and the top of the tree landed in the pool.  Luckily, our house was not hit, but the pool fence and a dog fence were demolished.  We had planned to replace the fences later, but the tree caused it to happen sooner.

A new privacy fence is now up between us and our neighbor to the north.  Neighbors in other directions are pretty far away.  The rest of the pool fence is also a deer fence, and is mostly done except a section that is waiting for a house remodel to happen.

The smooth patch near the pool is where I plan to put my veggie garden next year.

Some of the old fence posts are still up.  The pool cover was taken off recently and the pool filled.

On the other side of the privacy fence look up the creek and this is what you see.  Our first beaver dams.  The photo was taken in May 2016 and water flow goes down in summer.  In 2015 the creek went dry.

In front of the house is space enough to park an RV, plus space out by the barn.

If you are traveling down I-5 and would like to visit, contact Randy. Inside the house it’s still fairly bare but there is one guest bed. I’m here about half the time these days, so scheduling is needed.

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