Popular Science Nudism Article (1938)

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I don’t recall how he got it, but Jim T has a February 1938 Popular Science magazine with an article about nudism.  Being scientific and all, it mainly concerned itself with the ability of humans to withstand temperatures without clothing,  … Continued

…before the Internet

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I was recently going through old files while cleaning house and in one file generically called “Correspondence” I came across 4 responses to inquiries I had made about joining a nudist club – in 1982.  I remember joining ASA for … Continued

NBC News article about dwindling AANR membership

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The following was posted on NBCNews.com Saturday Aug 3. “Traditional nudist groups are trying to re-brand their wrinkled public image by swapping out some of the older faces and replacing them with fresher looks. Yet their numbers are shrinking.” To see … Continued

2013 Portland Naked Bike Ride

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If you ride in the Portland Naked Bike Ride, it is an experience you will not forget.  The 2013 event was well attended, but at the time this was written an estimation on the number of riders had not been … Continued

Summer 2012 – events and misses

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While much of the country was enduring record heat this summer, we in Oregon may have wished we could have traded some of our summer coolness for a little of the mid-country’s heat. I did not make the Willies Memorial … Continued

Naked City in France

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At our recent club meeting someone mentioned that in France there is a ‘naked city’ of impressive size.  I had not heard of such a thing, so I did a Google search. It turns out there is a city on … Continued