Gathering at the creek

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August 7-9 weekend turned out great for those who managed to find our way to J & L’s farm near Lebanon. I arrived on Saturday early afternoon, and finding no one around the house I went to the faint sounds I heard coming from the direction of the creek.

J & L got this wonderful farm beside the creek about two years ago and have made improvements – including a very impressive yurt by the creek. They also have horses, goats, chickens, and two dogs.

Activities included the usual lively conversation, but I especially liked the tour of the north side of the creek and a visit to the Screaming Like a Little Girl waterfall. Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of it. Maybe next time.

In late afternoon there was a well attended jam session.


Hanging out creekside (view from yurt deck)

View from the creek.

Bob the builder.

Barn and horses.

Randy and Bob



Jam scene


Jamming some more.

… and more.