It is a good idea to check with the host club prior to attending an event.


11/9/19   2 pm SR meeting Thanksgiving in Forest Grove meeting, potluck meal following

12/7/19   1 pm SR meeting with gift exchange in Portland, potluck meal following


2020 Calendar of Events

Happy New Year – No meeting or events in January

2/8/20   3 pm SR meeting at Sue’s Lot at Mountaindale 3 pm

5 pm MSR Crab and Steak Feed

7 – 11 pm Band

3/28/20  1 pm SR meeting in Portland, potluck meal following

4/25/20  1pm SR meeting in Salem, potluck meal following

5/23/20  2 pm SR meeting at winery TBD, potluck snacks following

6/27/20  2 pm SR meeting TBD