Yearning for sun……

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Yearning  for some warm sun on my nude bod I took the redeye to Orlando, picked up a rental car and drove south to Kisseme and to one of the premier sun resorts Cypress Cove  –  where I had been two years ago during the spring meeting of the Nudist Clubhouse.  This was a fun group so I picked the timing to join the group again.

Cypress Cove is one of the best resorts of the 12 or so I have visited and also one of the most expensive  costing about as much as some mid class motels I have stayed at.  It as all the amenities one could want  – more than I’ve found in any other .
After four days there I drove for little over an hour to the gulf side and stayed at Lake Como for four more days which has the attraction for me of its hiking trails over parts of its 200 plus acres, with the main lake and several smaller lakes and ponds. The amenities are far less than Cypress Cove and the restaurant  can’t  hold a candle to CC’s but the the pool and hot tub are great and the cost  is about half.