Naked City in France

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At our recent club meeting someone mentioned that in France there is a ‘naked city’ of impressive size.  I had not heard of such a thing, so I did a Google search.

It turns out there is a city on the Mediterranean coast (about 65 miles from the Spanish border) named Cap d’Agde (pronounced Cap DAG) that has what is called its Naturist Quarter or as referred to locally, its “village naturiste”.

It is a gated area of the city.  There is a daily tourist tax if you are not a resident.  It is not clear from what I read if the area is privately held (like Disneyland) or if it is just a designated district in the city.  If you don’t lodge within the gated area, you can get a pass card for travel in an out.  If you have lodging arranged inside the area, there is some other arrangement you get with your lodging.  The area on the left in the map below is a camping area.  Note that up on the map is southeast.  The ‘nord’ on the map (out in the water) points north.

According to Wikipedia, the resort area draws about 250,000 to 350,000 naturists annually, with peak days drawing about 40,000.  The beach is about 4km (2.5 miles) long and has sections marked as gay, couples, quiet, and family (left to right on the map.

The Wikipedia article about Cap d’Agde is at’Agde

Another info site is