Summer 2012 – events and misses

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While much of the country was enduring record heat this summer, we in Oregon may have wished we could have traded some of our summer coolness for a little of the mid-country’s heat.

I did not make the Willies Memorial Weekend Spring Fling.  An unexpected work load came along, but I understand that despite another cool Memorial weekend, folks there still had a good time.

Likewise, I wanted to make one of the several available nude bike rides centered around the summer solstice, but the work load continued, so I abandoned my wished for trip to the Fremont Parade in Seattle.

Visitors arrived over July 4th week, but the following week I headed for California and got some of the heat I’d been longing for, but did not get to play naked.

Finally, the AANR-NW Convention at Willies came in late July.  I got there Friday night, and the following day was warm, sunny, and near perfect.  A group of us hiked off the grounds Saturday morning to a nearby ridge and had a scenic photo shoot atop a stump large enough for maybe 6 people to stand, but we had only 3.  The weather didn’t last.  Sunday morning was cold and drizzly, warming up a bit in the afternoon, but by then I was gone.

Early in August came the  Mountaindale Sun Fest and Bare Buns Run (5K).  And finally, the temperature was getting into the 90’s.  It was glorious.  I ran in the Fun Run.  It was my first running race of any kind in my entire life, so I did not know how I would do.  My goal was to finish in under an hour, which I did.  Something I never found interesting (running) becomes interesting when done nude.   The pool was full of happy people, the costume dance was fun, there were several vendors adding interest, and I stayed in the K’s cabin (thanks!).  This was a very good weekend.

Two weeks later I made it to one day of the Squaw Mountain music fest.  It was a beautiful day, but not as hot as I would have liked.  M came with me, and we camped in her van.  We left early the next morning to make a bike race on Mount Hood.

The BS Bash in late August was also a great event.  Again not as hot as I wanted, but hotter than expected.  A beautiful Saturday, lots of fun playing pool volleyball, great steaks and ribs (thanks T!) and good music.  While dancing that evening I turned my right ankle.  It’s an injury that repeats itself from time to time, but I did not notice the soreness until the next morning.  But still, a wonderful event.

With so much August activity, I decided I needed to catch up over Labor Day weekend (including writing this report), so I am home.  I have another California trip coming up, and maybe will try to get to Laguna’s Nudestock for a day or two if time permits.  I’ve been wanting to see what it’s like.

I love summers.  rb