Mountaindale Cabin Crawl and Jam

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The June 22 BS event was at Mountaindale Sun Resort.  Though the weather was not primo, it was warm enough and dry enough on Saturday to do the Cabin Crawl naturally.  For those who have not been to one, a Cabin Crawl is a multi-course meal served at several of the resident’s cabins.  You travel from cabin to cabin for each course, starting with appetizers, going to salads, and ending up a few cabins later with dessert.  This works on more than one level.  You get to meet each host, see the host’s cabin (some of which have had interesting remodeling done), and each cook serves one or more favorite recipes.  And you get a bit of exercise by walking.

Christopher of the WolvesThe jam session started after the cabin crawl at the newly relocated fire pit.  Judith invited a musician she met recently – “Christopher of the Wolves”, who is skilled a performing with unconventional instruments.  He performed at the jam with two ‘hangs‘, and a ‘didgeridoo‘.  At Judith’s cabin he also had another steel instrument I don’t know the name of, and assorted percussion instruments.  He was a one-man band during his visit, but sometimes performs with others professionally.  A hang is the flying saucer shaped steel drum shown in the photo.  The didgeridoo is the long wood pipe he blows into get the rich base sound accompanying the hang music.

Also performing at the jam was our on-the-spot fearsome foursome.  Musicians Dave on guitar, Randy on harmonica, Kelly on uke, plus another guitar player I don’t remember the name of (sorry!).  He played at the Daly BBQ last year.  We muddled thru selections from a song book and actually sounded pretty good at times.  We did some requests from the audience as well.

A wood flute player did a haunting solo to add variety to the set.

This mp3 is from one of Christopher’s CDs and is an example of what we heard.

If the mp3 player does not work for you, you can try downloading the file by right clicking on the link above.

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