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I was recently going through old files while cleaning house and in one file generically called “Correspondence” I came across 4 responses to inquiries I had made about joining a nudist club – in 1982.  I remember joining ASA for one year, but I had forgotten that I had written clubs for information.  I guess I got the club mailing addresses from the ASA publication.  It’s possible that phone numbers were not shown in the directory at that time.

1982 was the year we moved to Oregon and had two kids under age 3.  I was about to start at Oregon State in January 1983 and may have had some time on my hands, along with diaper residue.  We must have decided not to pursue club activities at the time.  After the new year started and I started classes, time for social activity was not to be found.  As evidence that nudists hibernate, only one of the responses came in 1982 for sure.  The post mark on another was not readable.

Responses came from Willamettans, Restful Haven, Hidden Springs, and Sun Rovers.  I did not find anything from Squaw Mountain.  Maybe I did not write, or got a response and did not save it.  I don’t know.  Click below any of the envelope images to see what I got from that club.  None of it is weird, but it is a good reminder of how clubs responded to inquiries 31 years ago.

Three of the 4 responses were on yellow stock.  The Hidden Springs response was on yellow index card stock.  The writer was “acting President”, so maybe he did not have club stationary.  The two travel club responses were hand written.  It took me another 27 years before I joined a club.  Now THAT’s procrastination!


Willies envelope
Willies:   brochureletterASA brochure (cover only)

Restful Haven envelope

Restful Haven:   brochure frontbrochure back

Sun Rovers envelope

Sun Rovers:   brochure frontbrochure backletter

Hidden Springs envelope

Hidden Springs:  letter on card stock