The Ice Cream Social

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While in California during June 2014 I attended my first River Dippers event.  River Dippers is a Naturist Society affiliate.  They have gatherings at natural locations to take skinny dips, but they also meet at host houses like our travel clubs do.

The Ice Cream Social is held at a member couple’s private residence and features ice cream shakes in multiple flavors provided by the hostess.  The smallish back yard has a pool, is well fenced and private, but was adequate for the 30 or so guests that came.  Later in the day there was a pot luck, featuring tri-tip beef and vegetarian dishes.

In addition to the new people I met, there was also a local couple that I had previously met at Willies over Memorial weekend, and TM (AANR presidential candidate) was there too.

It was a very nice Saturday.