Trip to Lake Como, Florida

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In November 2014 Don and I took a trip to Florida and had the opportunity to visit Lake Como in Lutz, FL. I’m sad to say we were not able to enjoy all the amenities as it seemed Florida had a different type of weather planned for us. We did stay at the motel and had a nice view of the lake etc but because of tornado style conditions we were not able to do much other than visit with a dear friend of ours. In fact, the little restaurant that they had on-site had to be closed down due to high winds and concerns for patron’s safety.

The property is nicely kept up and we did come home with a couple of souvenirs so all was not lost. Just a minor note, at the time we left Oregon, weather was cold and lousy and that is what we had when we arrived in Florida. The morning we left Lake Como we did have an opportunity to eat in the on-site restaurant and the food was great but the service was even better. Just think, we could have saved the money on airline tickets and just stayed home. We did enjoy several areas of Florida and had a wonderful trip.


lakeside promenade, Bare Buns Cafe, Butt Hutt bar and deck

Lake Como sign

Lily pads in November on Lake Como